Prices and Services

Dial a Dog Wash Manchester Pricelist

(Updated February 2018)

It may be worth mentioning that some prices are approximate depending on condition of coat and how big your dog is. Even two dogs of the same breed and age can differ immensely. With regard to mixed breeds, look at the closest breed in terms of size and hairiness, and you should get some idea of price.

Full Works (Clip, Bath and Nails)

Small Breeds, including:

  • Standard Yorkie - £30
  • Westie, Cavalier King Charles, Shih-tzu - £34
  • Cairn Terrier, Lhasa Apso, Bichon, and Miniature Poodle - £35-40

Medium Breeds, including:

  • Cocker Spaniel, Lakeland Terrier - £36
  • Miniature Schnauzer - £35-40 (depending on styling preferences)

Larger Breeds, including:

  • Springer Spaniel - £38

Large breeds are priced individually. Usually it will be between £40 and £80, dependent on size, coat type and how long it will take to complete the groom.

Example prices:

  • Labradoodle - £40-50 dep on size and coat condition

Puppy Cut

Preferably, puppies should be 6months plus before their first groom. It is a good idea to book in for a professional groom at this point as it promotes socialisation and gets the puppy used to being handled, preventing fear of clippers, dryers and baths in the future.

A puppy cut consists of a bath, dry, trim and tidy up round face and backside (depending on breed), nails cut and ears cleaned. Of course, the owner will be consulted as to exactly what they would like.

A puppy groom is slightly cheaper than the standard adult price. For example, an adult Cavalier King Charles would be £34, so the puppy groom for a Cavalier would be £30.

Just a Bath!

Again, this depends on the individual dog, taking into account it's size, coat etc. The prices below are guidelines. Nail trims are included on request.

  • Greyhound and similar breeds: £28
  • Labrador and similar breeds: £30-35
  • Malamute: £35-45
  • Newfoundland, St Bernard and similar breeds: £50-80

For flea treatments, please add £5-10 to the price.

Blast Out service for doublecoated breeds - £25


Dial a Dog Wash Manchester offer a unique service to reduce moulting in doublecoated breeds. Dogs that have doublecoats are: Huskies, Malamutes, Akitas, German Shepherds, name but a few.

This 'blast out' service includes a thorough brush and rake through of the undercoat, blast out of dead coat, nail check and doggy perfume.