Prices and Services


(Updated February 2021)

IMPORTANT: These are ‘starting from’ prices, depending on the condition of the coat and how big your dog is. Even two dogs of the same breed and age can differ immensely. With mixed breeds, we look at the closest breed in terms of size and coat-type. We will always give an approximate price depending on breed, but the groomer will assess and give an accurate price on the day of the groom.

There are many breeds of dog and obviously we cannot state a price here for every single one. This list will give you an indication, but for any breeds not included on the list, please email or text us for more details.


All grooms include: styling, bath and dry, nail trim, ear clean and doggy perfume.

All prices are starting from:

  • Shih Tzu £38
  • Yorkie £35
  • Lhasa Apso £38
  • Miniature Schnauzer £40
  • Poodle £45
  • Cockapoo £45
  • Bichon £40
  • Cavapoo £40
  • Maltese £40
  • Springer spaniel £40
  • Cocker spaniel £38
  • Cavalier £38
  • Westie £38
  • Scottie £40
  • Labradoodle £50
  • Bedlington £40
  • Long haired Jack Russell £38
  • Springer Spaniel £45
  • Cocker spaniel £40


We recommend that puppies are introduced to grooming as soon as they are fully vaccinated. This is particularly important for breeds that will require regular styling throughout their lives, usually every 6-8 weeks. Desensitisation to the bath, dryer, nail trimming, clippers and scissors is essential for your dog’s welfare and should be introduced in stages so as not to overwhelm the dog. We recommend booking several introductory grooms, within 2-3 weeks of each other, so that puppies quickly associate that grooming is a positive experience. Our groomers are excellent at understanding canine body language and their gentle handling will soon work to help your dog feel comfortable in the grooming environment. We are also on hand to give advice on maintenance (inbetween) grooms where needed.

A puppy introductory groom for a styled breed includes: bath, dry, brush thru, scissor tidy (feet, face and backend), nail trim and doggy perfume. Pricing is based on the breed (see breed list for examples) and will depend on size and coat type/condition. Puppy grooms can take longer (requiring a longer slot time) and require a high level of skill, patience and experience in order to make the process as positive as possible. For this reason, we do not offer cheaper grooms for puppies.


Again, this depends on the individual dog, taking into account it's size, coat etc. The prices below are guidelines.

All grooms include: Bath and dry, deshed of dead coat, ear clean, nail trim and doggy perfume. Minimal trimming of feet, paw pads, feathers and backend can be completed on request.

Please note: we do not offer a clipping/shaving service for any of these breeds as it will result in long term damage of the coat.

  • French bulldog £28
  • Staffy £28
  • Basset Hound £30
  • Malamute £60
  • Husky £50
  • German Shepherd £50
  • Labrador £35
  • Golden retriever £45
  • Dogue de Bordeaux £50
  • Bulldog £30
  • American bulldog £35
  • Jack Russell £28
  • Chihuahua (short haired) £28
  • Chihuahua (long haired) £32
  • Dachshund (SH) £30
  • Dachshund (LH) £35
  • Border Collie (SH) £40
  • Border Collie (LH) £50
  • Greyhound £40


Some of our customers like a little help inbetween full grooms in order to keep the coat in excellent condition and their dogs more comfortable. These grooms include everything in the ‘Full Works’ apart from clipping/shaving the body.

Bath and tidy grooms include: bath and dry, nail trim, ear clean, scissor tidy (feet, face and backend) and doggy perfume.

Pricing is usually £5-10 cheaper than a full works groom, depending on breed and coat type/condition. Please ask your groomer for more details.


Similarly to the bath and tidy interim groom, we offer a maintenance option for double coated breeds, specifically Huskies and Malamutes.

These breeds do not require bathing too frequently as they are dry coated. Over-bathing can soften the coat too much which then reduces the ability to repel rain, snow, mud and other types of weathers/environments. Bathing 2-3 times per year is a good idea to loosen and remove dead undercoat (as the seasons change). This also helps to cleanse the skin and remove excess dander/pollen etc from the coat.

An interim solution between bathing would be to opt for a blast out service. This groom includes: spritz of dry shampoo to deodorise, blast out of dead undercoat with high velocity dryer, nail trim, ear clean and doggy perfume.

Prices start at £35 depending on breed, size and coat type.