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Some of my lovely customers...



 Milly, the Westie





 Ruby, the Bull Mastiff, relaxing before her bath





Spike, the 11yr old bearded collie cross, relaxing after his pampering session







Ruby, the Cavalier, and Dennis, the Lhasa Apso, back with mum after a great time in the van






 Prince and Charlie, the Cavaliers, looking rather pleased with themselves







 Lara the Beagle, sitting pretty after her first professional groom







Monty, looking smart and clean for his new owners







Emily the Alsatian and Oscar the Doberman - smelling fresh for their owner




Bella, the beautiful staffy











Lilly the bichon, posing for the camera with her new hair do








Handsome Hamish, the Cocker Spaniel, with a short back and sides








Looking glossy and relaxed after his groom, Harvey the Lhasa Apso was an absolute pleasure to pamper



Cassie, the Staffy/Greyhound, enjoying a snooze after her bath





Beethoven is a huge St. Bernard but he's still able to fit into my bath and enjoy his pampering





Max is an Akita crossed with a Rottweiler. He loves being groomed but prefers it when his mum is in the van with him. Awww....





Shadow, the 11 month old Malamute, is a very cheeky chappy who just loves jumping into the bath and onto the grooming table. He also likes to take a nap whilst I'm drying him, lazy thing :)





Ralph is a 6month old Miniature Schnauzer. He likes the classic look with bushy eyebrows, long beard and lovely furry legs. A handsome little fella.





This is Jake, a Blue Picardy Spaniel. He has very unusual markings on his coat which make him stand out. His kind temperament means that everyone loves him.



Max the Lhasa had a few tangles in his coat, but a good pamper left him feeling comfortable and happy :)








Missy is a beautiful golden labrador who doesn't mind the loud noise of the dryer. What a good girl!